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Program Development

The Programs we build together help people reach their full potential. We have 20+ years of leadership, oversight, and experience administering  multi-million/billion dollar programs in the public and private sectors, including but not limited to:

  • Workforce Programs

  • Job Corps Program Development

  • Environmental Justice Initiatives 

Overseeing/Managing federal contracts and grants from both an administrative and a service provider perspective, including metrics and accountability.

Streamlined and standardized roughly 100 local training programs for an international entity to ensure brand excellence. 

Co-Created new programs and service delivery models in response to federal legislation.

Developed programs to enhance equity in industry sectors with underrepresented groups.

Instrumental in the development of nationwide training programs for construction industry local unions.

As COO, worked with the HR team to develop mentorship programs for C-Suite executives and agency employees. 

Managed and co-created special initiatives, including an international UK student exchange program.

Implemented workplace culture training and publications scaled to national application.

What Our Clients Say

Crecilla Scott, Managing Partner

Infinity Research, LLC


I had the pleasure of working with Edna Primrose on an important project with a high-profile client. I can say with confidence that Edna’s work ethic, professionalism, and expertise are unmatched. Her ability to understand clients’ needs, plan, and execute on strategic objectives has always been her strength. Working with Edna has produced outstanding results and has had a significant impact on the organizations that she has served.

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