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Building partnerships

Differenza’s Founder and President, Edna Primrose brings 20+ years of coordinating with national/international entities on employment, education and economic issues. We are here to build partnerships in the following areas:

  • Public-Private Partnerships 

  • Federal, State & Local Community Leaders  

  • Initiatives for Environmental Justice

Generated nearly 7 billion dollars in investments through public/private partnerships in rural water infrastructure.

Coordinated community leaders at the Federal, State & Local level to brief two Congressional Senior Staff Networks focused on the COVID-19 pandemic impact on social mobility and education.

National Job Corps Director Award for highest union graduate placements in employment.

Agency Lead, public/private water sector initiatives in leveraged financing; water workforce; water quality; water reuse; and Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH)

Co-Created 2022 pilot partnerships with Job Corps, with the intention of expanding to a national partnership aligning with corporate growth strategy.

Our employer engagement strategies and national partnerships sparked an increase of approx. 4,000 additional placements for Job Corps graduates, and $1,000+ increase in their annual earnings.

$1 million annual outreach plan to support BIPOC community-based organizations.

Agency Lead, White House initiative on youth violence prevention

What Our Clients Say

Crecilla Scott, Managing Partner

Infinity Research, LLC


I had the pleasure of working with Edna Primrose on an important project with a high-profile client. I can say with confidence that Edna’s work ethic, professionalism, and expertise are unmatched. Her ability to understand clients’ needs, plan, and execute on strategic objectives has always been her strength. Working with Edna has produced outstanding results and has had a significant impact on the organizations that she has served.

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